A different olive for every occasion. report about olives

The olive is one of few fruits found in nature which contains the four basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour and bitter. As a result, it is a very versatile product which pairs perfectly with all types of ingredients and can be combined with an infinite number of seasonings. Moreover, there is a very broad range of table olives available, in terms of presentation, type, and preparation method: whole, pitted, sliced, chopped, quartered, halved; green, black, purple; seasoned with Spanish or Sevillian spices, in brine, and marinated in an endless number of ways: with oregano, thyme, garlic, orange, lemon, onion, etc., and with more than 80 different types of stuffing, including anchovies, pepper, tuna, salmon, hazelnut, almond, onion, garlic, and ham. This enormous variety means there's an olive for every occasion and that they can be adapted to all kinds of tastes.